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DROIDRAGE article from Freshmen Magazine

Forget R2D2 and C3P0—for three years now, the Web comic Man&Droid, by the mysterious artist known only as R‑Man, has been treating fans to the oversexed adventures of Jon Peterson, a brainy gay dude who comes upon a downed plane one sunny day while hiking deep in the woods. Jon pulls the pilot from the wreckage only to discover that he's really a proto­type android named Andrew. Jon repro­grams the macho collection of bolts (and nuts!) into becoming the perfect play‑ thing-cum boyfriend. As the storyline unfolds—and shadowy government forces close in—Jon inspires the macho military prototype to explore his inner cybernetic cocks man by taking him out to a gay bar for a night of dancing, then home for a marathon fuck session. Joining Jon and Andrew is fag-hag Janice, who's universally despised among the strip's numerous male and female devotees. R-Man attempted to scratch her itch by giving the leggy shrew an android lover of her own, but a hot recent storyline has been building toward a violent confrontation between Andrew and Janice's faux fuck-stud, the evil R-75. The saucy gay serial, which to date has logged 40 complete episodes, is free to be enjoyed at the R-Man’s official archives.


This is so muuuuuuch fun 3 i mean andrew is love hahahaha and Janice is the best she has no issues saying what she think that's hard core! but yeah still Andrew is my fav chara.

Israel C


Andrew is mine too. But I love writing for Janice Williams. Thank You.


You have really got my interest up on this story, and I am enjoying it greatly please don't stop there. New reader



No stopping for me. It been hard because I get very little money for M&D. I do this because I love it. I do believe my artwork is improving. Maybe you'll see me in a bookstore one day.


Stories get better and better. Got to have more nakedness with Andrew and Derek showing their bods - all parts! Well done, guys.



Derek was scared away by Janice Williams. He might come back. I plan to do more sexy pin ups of the entire cast. Starting with Andrew.

Hello R-Man,

Love the story, once i started reading it I could not stop, wanted to see what was going to happen next. Can wait for the next story. Thank you.

John B


Thank You so much.

Hi R-Man,

Just wanted to say Hi, well that's done actually, thanks for the new page, so thanx, & congratulate you for the improvement on the faces definition, then last & not least KUDOS!

Keep it up!

Joey from Liege in Belgium


I'm so glad that people like the new artwork. This is something I've been working on for a while.

Hi R-Man

I really love your comics, i really enjoyed all the earlier episode it, i e mialed you to say thank you for making this comics and also to inspired you in making all the future episode.. and just a suggestion, more nude Andrew.. lol.



I'm working on sexy pinups of the cast.


After the helicopter attack you should make Andrew and Jon fly somwwhere and have sex. Your fans demand it.

Eldon - Chicago


This is my good friend Eldon. By the way Janice said not spread your legs.


Yo I love these comics and I love the animation e-mail me when new issues come out ok



Ok I making a new mailing list....Ill keep you updated.


The story is getting better and better! I read the whole first 40 episodes in 12 minutes! More detail sex! That's the best part! Haha! Keep at it!



Ok I get it. More sex. LOL! When I got this sever they told me no hard core porn. But to all publishers out there. Publish a M&D comic novel and Ill be as hard as you want.

I know you have a mailing list because you mention it. Do you send out warnings when the next installment is coming out? I love this comic. Andrew is amazing, even if he breaks Asimov's Rules of Robotics, but then that makes for great Sci-Fi, right?

I need more. More I say.

I loved when Andrew grabbed Derek and *well, you know*. It was sooo sexy. I love how he connives to get his way. I also want to know what is up with that other unit dispatched to hunt down Andrew.

There are sooo many loose ends here. I hope to see this go on for a very long time.

Did I ask for more, yet? I am not sure but that is the purpose of this e-mail. That and to find out when we can get more?



Sorry for the delay. We upgraded the site. Check out the new look and give me your feedback. More Eps. are forthcoming.


Love the story, also great that the main character is robotic and has a hairy chest! - just love guys with hairy chest's.

Yes, more Andrew shirtless & NAKED (esp frontal!!! - just how big is Andrew LOL)

Love the idea of a guy & Robot having sex - the day they make a real male robot sex slave I'll be in up for testing it.

Is there a mailing list for when the next episode is up on the site?



Yes there is a mailing list!!!! And now your on it. Or on top of it J How big is Andrew???? That’s a secret. Let just say Andrew is too big for most. And he’s a top.

Hey R Man

I love your comic series. It is such an epic thriller, comedy, drama and romance! Please add many more episodes. You've stopped for too long. It's time to continue, man!! I'd love to see regular additions. So would many other viewers in the world. My 13+ year old sis loved it! I, a 21+ yo man who lives in Sydney, Australia, and my sis, developed a big crush on Andrew. He's such a tear jerker and hot hunk!

Cheers from Sunny

PS: You MUST put up more episodes as soon as possible!

For You I do anything....

Dear R-Man

Janice is a bitch!!!! Kill her now!



Gee, that's harsh!

Dear R-Man

I love the comic! Why is Janice in everyone’s business? Shouldn't she get a life? More of Andrew shirtless!!!



Janice believes that Andrew will be the end of her friend Jon. More of Andrew Shirtless????

Dear R-Man

I really like Andrew. I don't care what he did to Derek. He was just making sure the man he'd loves will end up with him. Screw Derek and Janice.

Tomas-New York.


Do Janice and Derek have anyone that likes them?

Dear R-Man

Love the story, and keep up the good work. I just wanted to let you know that I put a dollar in your donate web jar.



Thank you so much!!!! I love readers like you.

Dear R-Man

I really think Janice is hot. I love the way you draw her. Sexy as hell! Have more sexual positions for her. I love the way she takes charge of everything.



Straight Readers WOW!!! Please write me more Straight people!!!

Dear R-Man

Janice is right. Andrew is a slut! Sleeping with Derek to get rid of him, shameful! I hope Janice tears him up and throw away the pieces.



Nothing stops the Bitch Williams

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